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  • Lighthouse International Ministries (LIM)

    "We are dedicated to serving and transforming the lives of abandoned and disadvantanged children in Romania, India and Africa."


    LIM was officially set up in 1994 by Pastor Paul Hallam in response to the situation in Romaina and the terrible legacy of the Ceacescu years, which resulted in the ruin of thousands of Romanian children’s lives as they were forced to endure horrendous living conditions in “orphanages that looked and smelled like pow camps for children".One of the first objectives was to build a Day Care Centre through the Romanian branch of LIM (which is now known as Casa Luminii).


    LIM has approximately 100 abandoned children in India that we support directly by sponsorships. 60 of these are in our home that we built in Tamil Nadu in the south. Some 25 children are in Goa and a few in Further Education Centre's. It is our desire to build a number of new Girls Home to be able to tackle the atrocious affects of abuse, exploitation and trafficking within the sub continent. We have already rescued many lives.


    We now partner with The Message Trust in Manchester bringing support to communities in the townships of South Africa. We also have sponsored many educational projects including raising funds for a school to be built in Burundi.

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  • European Gaucher Alliance (EGA)

    "We are an international umbrella group representing the interest of Gaucher patients and those of
    non-for-profit Gaucher patient groups as well as rare disease groups throughout the world."

    Our Vision is to ‘To improve quality of lives of patients and families’ by;

    1. To involve and engage members ; by actively supporting and empowering through involving them in projects, future planning and representation at internal and external meetings.

    2. Get a fair share of resources in global, national and local healthcare decisions through cohesive working with clinicians, pharmaceutical representatives and healthcare providers to create sustainable infrastructures in countries with treatment guidelines, access to education and training for clinicians, disease registries and a network of centres of care

    3. To be recognised as a trusted stakeholder known for its transparency, integrity and independence that brings the voice of the patient to the table.

    4. Knowledge management to connext, signpost and disseminate: to be a central portal receiving and identifying information, that is collated, precised and then disseminated using different communication channels, to our network of members and stakeholders in an appropriate and timely manner.

    5. Meeting unmet needs supporting research and drug development through listening to patients, collaborating with and supporting clinicians, developing patient related outcomes and explore different models of drug development and patient access.

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