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Our Timeline

FYMCA the company was formed in 2015, but the story of FYMCA began in the early 1990's with the birth of our son who was the catalyst for the family moving from their country in search of a rare disease diagnosis. See how the story has and is unfolding for FYMCA Medical LTD on our timeline below.

  1. October 2018
    International Lysosomal Storage Disease Training: Kazakhstan

    Map of Countries Visited 37 delegates; 10 countries

    Mongolia,Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine,Belarus, Lithuania and Armenia.

  2. October, 2016
    Gaucher Masterclass event, Cape Town, SA

    FYMCA held its first official event in Cape Town, SA in partnership with the European Gaucher Alliance (now the International Gaucher Alliance ).

    Sixteen delegates representing 5 African countries attended the one day course.

    The topics covered by the international faculty included:
    -Overview of Gaucher
    -Diagnosis Gaucher disease
    -Gaucher and the environment
    -Co- morbidities and Gaucher disease
    -Therapeutic options and monitoring response
    -Practical management aspects
    -Ethics and sharing of knowledge
    -Patient organisation
    The feedback confirmed that the event was valuable to all attendees and that the speakers were found to be mostly inspiring. All were in agreement that they received the information they expected.

    Some comments from the event:

    “It was good to meet Chris Hendriksz as he will be a useful contact going forward for difficult case reviews”

    “ Keep up the same standard”

  3. May, 2017
    International Lysosomal Storage Disease Training: Panama

    FYMCA held an educational event in Panama which included delegates from 6 surrounding South American countries.

    This event was our first multi lingual event with the help of Spanish translators. The delegates expressed their appreciation in hearing the training in their own language.

    A total of 28 delegates attended and the program included topics such as:
    - Overview of MPS Disorders
    - Common Surgical Procedures in MPS Disorders
    - Therapy Options for MPs Disorders
    - The Role of Patient Organizations
    - Gaucher Disease – presentation and different types.
    - Diagnosis and differential Diagnosis of Gaucher Diseases
    - Therapy Options for Gaucher Disease
    - Practical aspects of ERT
    - Diagnosis of Fabry Disease
    - Therapies for Fabry Disease
    - MPS, Gaucher, Fabry Cases

    The round table discussions created opportunities for delegates to have more in depth discussions with the faculty which consisted of world experts in the rare disease sphere.

    Some Comments from the Event:
    "Excellent Conference, the speakers exposed themselves with honesty and based in their experiences of exceptional cases"

    “It was excellent, I loved it. I have very little knowledge in this area”

    "Approach based on speakers’ experience. Very Interesting" "Excellent opportunity to share knowledge, experiences and challenges"

    "Innovative and complete"

    Two weeks after the event all delegates received a comprehensive summary of the training in the form of a newsletter which they could use as a resource for the further training online.

  4. Febuary, 2018
    LDN WORLD, Symposium:
    Creating Hope for the Unreachable, the Unprofitable and the Unthinkable patient.

    The early morning satellite symposium was jointly sponsored by Care Beyond Diagnosis, MPS Society UK and the European Gaucher Alliance. They delivered a unique event seeing that in the history of W.O.R.L.D LDN Conference this was the first satellite symposium to be organised and sponsored by a non-profit organisation, namely Care Beyond Diagnosis www.carebeyonddiagnosis.org

    FYMCA Medical Ltd along with Chiesi pharmaceutical and Shire (now Takeda) supported the event with unrestricted educational grants.

    The Symposium was dedicated to the late Christine Lavery MBE who suddenly passed away in December 2017.

    160 Delegates attended the early morning symposium, representing 9 countries and a variety of companies and organisations, including industry and patient organisations.

  5. June 2018
    International Lysosomal Storage Disease Training: Botswana

    Map of Countries Visited 38 delegates; 14 African countries

    Nigeria ,Sudan ,Cameroon ,Ethiopia ,Ghana ,Mozambique ,Zambia,Botswana ,Kenya ,Lesotho ,Tanzania ,Mauritius ,South Africa and Malawi

  6. December, 2015

    FYMCA Logo
    FYMCA Medical Ltd formed.